Hotel SEO

Active Discovery Designs has been progressing from graphical web design company to advanced dynamic websites and is now entering the related domain of Search Engine Optimization. Being an Internet related company, Active Discovery Designs has several hotel sites for all kinds of research and to provide additional income through advertising for 'quieter times'.

Main reason to create pages on this domain was to promote the page site aanmelden bij google. You can read elsewhere about that as we don't want to have duplicate content, but are trying to write 'quality content' to create 'quality links' in order to score our site aanmelden bij google page, which was the main target of our SEO campaign.

We also created a page site aanmelden bij google as searches in Dutch normally rank '.nl' pages higher than pages on other domains, like our .

After making this stuff yesterday, one of our research targets is ranking our Hotels in Luzon site with the search phrase 'hotels in luzon'.

Won't make any other links in this page right now, as it is being presumed that the more links there are on a page, the less influence each link has.