IRASSS Internet Marketing Support

As of the moment we are supporting IRASSS with their Internet Marketing. As we are not sure about what keywords or key phrases to use we need some additional internet support for the site to support the project. This is this page which we put online on April 12, 2011.

Lake management with Enzymes

The issue we encounter with the IRASSS Internet Marketing project at the moment is that the site is not properly being found on with the phrase 'Lake Management with Enzymes' which we think is the major phrase for the current products and services of IRASSS. This is why we put the link here now.


To keep track of things we'll just put a diary chapter here. On April 12, 2011 the IRASSS site scored position 9 in the Australian Google with the SoilZyme PDF brochure link with the search phrase Lake Management with Enzymes. Of course we intentionally repeat it here.