Alwana Business Park offers a one-stop solution integrating office, production, commercial, educational, residential, and recreational needs in a single, secure location.

It sits on 20 hectares of prime property dedicated to residential houses, townhouses and apartment units for the convenience of homeowners working within Alwana as well as for people with discerning tastes who value serenity, comfort, and security in finding a home.

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Marco Hotel

Probably the most known business in Alwana Business Park is Marco Hotel.

Alwana also has a Sports Avenue and surrounding retail stores and office spaces.

Residential Area

Alwana has a residential area that is a quiet enclave within walking distance from Marco Hotel.

Living in Alwana IS a walk in the park.

Recreational facilities

Guests and Homeowners can all enjoy the comforts and amenities that Alwana Business Park has to offer.


Alwana is a gated community with none of that closed-in feel. Instead, you get the feel of wide open spaces, lush greenery, and a cool, well-shaded environment as you walk through its covered trails woven throughout the community.

Alwana is an exciting concept that strives to bring business, recreation, and retail right at your doorstep. You will discover a range of stylish apartment options, from one-storey apartments to spacious Town homes, to hip live-and-work lofts and much more.


Important future plan for Alwana Business Park is to create a safe village for retirees.