We might as well promote Active Discovery Designs on this domain as there is also an Internet company that is called 'Megaheights'.

Main reason to create pages on this site are to promote the page site aanmelden bij google or actulally promoting our company: Active Discovery Designs.

Please note that links on this site, and on most sites we make, either open in the same window or in a new window or in 'another window. That is not accidental as we normally try to keep 'people in the site' while also providing them with links to other sites. This is also part of the quality we stand for.

And please note that I'm doing several things:

Dutch Quality SEO

All other pages are redirected to the Australian IRASSS site as of course that is the domain we currently want to promote.

And we need a link now to promotion of IRASSS. We also created an additional page for the research of IRASSS on the Internet: the IRASSS site support page.

Not sure

We are still not sure if making intentional redirects from one domain to another is 'good' or 'bad' SEO.

We decided to create the subdomain Active Discovery Designs Nederland in order to make the Dutch side of our company more prominent. Should redirect to Active Discovery Designs though, but we'll first put an html page there.